The inspiration for this film is Charles Dickens. We all know him as the author of novels such as A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist and Bleak House.  What is not so well remembered is his work as a political journalist and social campaigner. In the year of his two hundredth birthday, we can ask the question "what sort of things would Charles Dickens be doing today?". There is no shortage of stories to tell and causes to champion, but how would he tell them? How would he use  the technology we have at our fingertips? Just suppose Dickens returned to Barnet, site of the famous workhouse in Oliver Twist. That is long gone, but the stories still abound in Barnet. How would Dickens tell them? Maybe he would use film, blogs and pictures as well as traditional mediums of books and newspapers.  We can but guess. This movie lets people tell their stories and gives you some clue as to how Barnet has changed and how it has stayed the same. We hope you enjoy it.

The people in this film

Richard Cornelius - Leader of Barnet Council

Nick Walkley - CEO of Barnet Council

Neil Seabridge - Acting Borough Commander, Barnet Police

Fr Kevin O'Shea - Parish Priest - Sacred Heart Church, Mill Hill

Derek Dishman AKA Mr Mustard - Barnet Blogger

Theresa Musgrove AKA Mrs Angry - Barnet Blogger

Helen Michael - Business Owner - Cafe Buzz, Finchley

Dinesh Thankey - Health Food Shop Owner

Ruth Kutner - Barnet Resident

William Nugent - Barnet resident

Linda Edwards - Carer and Disabled Rights Campaigner

Paul Shea - Business Owner - Pound Shop, North Finchley

Stan Davison -  Barnet Pensioner, Member Barnet 55+ Forum

David Attfield - Solicitor, Campaigner against CPZ charges

Kerry Galliano -  Hairdresser

Tirza Cohen-Waisel - Social Worker and Barnet resident

John Sullivan -  Carer and disabled rights campaigner

Susan Sullivan - Barnet resident

Dexter Whitfield - Professor of Economics

Julian Silverman - Barnet pensioner

Bernard Cochrane- Care facility Operator - Bushey Mill Resource Centre


The Crew

Charles Honderick - Director & camera

Roger Tichborne - Producer & additional camera

Lizzie Tichborne - Additional camera (driving scenes)

Joe Grahame - Camera (Ken Loach)

Narration - Charlotte Bradford

Original Soundtrack - Noah Pollock

A Tale of Two Barnets - Copyright The Mill Hill Recording Company Ltd