A message from Charles

I'd like to thank all of the people who gave their time to make this community film happen, especially all of the people who welcomed me into their homes, offices and care centres. A special thank you to Roger at Mill Hill Music Complex for his help and support in putting the project together, allowing me to use his home and studios and driving me around, showing me all manner of hidden secrets in Barnet.

I'd like to thank Ken Loach for his kind words about my film and thank Joe Grahame for dropping everything to film Ken at such short notice (I owe you a beer buddy).

I'd also like to specially thank Councillor Richard Cornelius and Mr Nick Walkley at Barnet Council and Commander Neil Seabridge of the Barnet Police for making time in their busy schedule to meet me and answer my questions and make me feel most welcome. Another person who must be mentioned is Helen Michael at Cafe Buzz in Finchley, who gave me the use of her shop for the morning for interviews and fed me like a king !

I'd like to thank Fr Kevin O'Shea, Derek Dishman, Theresa Musgrove, Dinesh Thankey, Ruth Kutner, William Nugent, Paul Shea, Stan Davison, David Attfield, Kerry Galliano, Tirza Cohen-Waisel, John and Susan Sullivan, Dexter Whitfield, Julian Silverman and  Bernard Cochrane for kindly agreeing to appear in the film and tell their stories. Also all of the people who also gave their time, but due to the limits of a 25 minute film, we couldn't accomodate.

Finally I'd like to thank Clare Tichborne for all of the food and drink provided and apologise for all of the disruption to the household I caused as I monopolised the TV reviewing early rushes of the film in the freezing middle of winter.

Charles Honderick


This film is a community film about Barnet and for the people of Barnet. Here are a few links to organisation in Barnet which may be useful for anyone interested in the subjects raised in this film or in making their own film in Barnet (please note the appearance of the logo here does not imply any endorsement of this film, the content of this website by these organisations or vice versa, they are purely listed for information).